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lirik lagu greatness – drake


uh, i am a distraction,
comin from my spot and i dont signal as i back in.
if cash is beautiful then money is attraction
then i should be a motherf*ckin’ centerfold of maxim.
open to my page and admire my desire,
frequent flyer i aspire to retire,
my boy stands alone if i’m with the chior,
got a cannon on my hip but n*gg* this is not mariah.
na, this the record killer for hire.
i eat and sleep with the weapon, the beat is all i require,
look i created despite the n*gg* that hated, every single bar gettin first forty-eighted
in the state of euphoria feelin so sedated.
the me and b*tch the same were feel so related,
(?) in stated or denniscaded (?)
i put a thousand on it, i could prolly f*ck the waitress.
so wait just take this,
one lie at a time, make sure it makes sense
white cup, orange pop tenneshee state sh*t
drop a four winning and then appreciate the greatness, n*gg* haha

i wrote this verse sittin in my new car,
sometimes where you headed is too far,
it’s more about where you are.
and i am, everywhere where you wish you could be
somebody somewhere just really understood me
yeah, i dream big, no false hope
my other n*gg*s move keys, no off notes
but understand rich is a how were all ending up,
i’m at the label in the elevator,
send them up!

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