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lirik lagu green – atheist

this house is your own
still living alone
it don’t make you sad
but i think it’s good to be green
the summer is gone
and spring don’t belong
the traces are here
for long winter
i miss the green
it used to be clean
if you want to be free
please don’t fall for me
i could be anyone
but your friend
if you open the door
ill give a whole lot more
i could be anyone
but your friend
the *ssumption is good
though not likelihood
and my feeling is true
i want to be living
with you
the truth it begins
were breathing it in
with shadows of doubt
in time we will
i miss the green
it used to be clean
anyone anyone
anyone no no no
seeing is believing
the feeling is deceiving
you know it’s the truth
when you find that you
cant talk
leaving on this
all into chaos
seeing is feeling is
seeing is you

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