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lirik lagu grind – childish gambino


nah, i don’t…
look over there, look over here
(wait a minute!)

oooh, ahhh, oh yeah
got to get on my grind, got to get on my grind
oooh, ahhh, oh yeah
got to get on my grind, got to get on my grind
ooh, aah, oh yeah
fallin out, ooh, down
got to get on my grind, got to get on my grind
oh, fallin down, oh yeah
got to get on my grind, got to get on my grind

[childish gambino]
i turn ’em like (tina), i don’t tote ninas
but a n*gg* walked up and get served like subpoenas
and i ain’t broke neither, i got a in-between
so when i say about a million what i mean is b*tch fiend
i gotta keep grinding, my name tony hawk
cause i grind with my boys sometimes at the park
a heavy-*ss kid, easy on the cake
until i got to new york and i started losin weight
and when i say “weight,” i do mean “weight”
now i’m (thin) like the (line between love and hate)
cause i used to go skate, n*gg* i’m paid
this (kid) don’t (play) like a high-top fade
i don’t get laid, i’m back at the studio
the closest girls get is watchin old derrick videos
girls don’t get it, say i work too much
p*ss boo the cell phone and say “girl be in touch”
but we won’t be in touch, i know that for sure
you ain’t in love with me, you like my decor
christian dior, pastel and jack
if it’s in hot pink then it’s on my back
i’m young and i’m black and the world is my oyster
watchin top chef on my european sofa
these n*gg*z so fake like an old toupee
so clear call this sh*t blu-ray

[chorus – first 1/2]

[childish gambino]
take me to a hospital, call me ebola
and a n*gg* flow sweet, so i spit coca-cola
and my boys sold boulders, but i gotta do it my way
we grindin the same, but we usin different pathways
gotta make ends meet, a means to an end
and i hate seein n*gg*z usin “grind” for pretend
cause this ain’t pretend, and i ain’t pretendin
we eatin out late like i hang with the gremlins
call david geffen, we about to switch places
the game is a hold, got a pocket full of aces
boy i’m a phenom, i can’t be stopped
had my r.a. pager on my first day at 30 rock
headed for big things like i’m runnin salma hayek
four seasons plus no more work at the hyatt
i’m fly and i’m high like a pilot
but you can’t see me like an eyelid, vibin


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