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lirik lagu guess who’s back – 2pac

drop the drums here it comes
only got two minutes to bounce, and every second counts
better press, wreck on your tek, here we go, set p*ssed on moet
my trickery more slippery when wet

wicked as i flip, don’t trip, get a grip
it’ll kick, if the b*ss lines thick, it’s a hit
everybody’s got a mic now, it’s like a hobby
but more like a job, ’cause bootleggers trying to rob me

and little man wants to be a rap star
make papes, hit skins, and drive a phat car
it ain’t easy, sleazy, even deceiving
no scheme believing

no bitter [incomprehensible] knock a pig to pick
so here’s a stick to lick
i shoot to give till there ain’t nothing left
and if i find that the tracks sound def
i catch wreck till i lose my breath

thats how it goes in the land of broke
i dispose of those, rock shows, and collect my dough
now i suppose i’m the bad guy, why?
i stay high and try to stay high life’s a mess don’t stress test

i’m giving, won’t think without ‘cha living bless
guess who’s back
coming back with the track supply
with special ed and ak, coming right and attack

i’m fighting back, now snap, where they at
when its time to go to combat
guess who’s back
yes, i’m back

tupac is back
tupac is back
tupac is back
tupac is back

drop the drums here it comes
only got one minute to bounce, and every second counts
i went from hustlin’ big, to makin’ hits
while some tricks i’m sure to be rich for ninety-six

i pull my ‘capes, on tapes to make
lets trace the base, to the tape with the badest b*ss to date
i try to shake it, but the pace is hard to break
thoughts i wait, cause they hate my black take

yeah, its on, it’s back in the rap race
but if ya got a black face, it’s a rat race
i struggle to be rugged and raw dude
trying to survive in the trials and lawsuits

everybody wants to test me, why me?
no lie, nothing tried when they try me
giving up the roughness, justice
i’m a bust as i ripping up enough hits

and guess who’s back, no longer trapped
‘cuz, i snapped on the ones that held me back feeling contact
ride the track get i grip as i flip get a licking as i kick
guess who’s back, yes i’m back

tupac is back
tupac is back
tupac is back
tupac is back

tupac is back
tupac is back
tupac is back

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