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lirik lagu hallelujah – chief keef

[hook x2:]
b*tch i’m cooler then a cooler
big shouts out to my jeweler
he been rich ever since
say chief sosa broke that’s a rumor
these broke *ss n*gg*s need tune ups
i’m a rich *ss n*gg* hallelujah
broke n*gg*s we see right through ya
b*tch chief sosa getting that mula

[verse 1:]
every time i look up my b*tch starting some sh*t
d*mn i hate a b*tch that like to argue and sh*t
got so much designer sh*t you’ll think i’m all on this sh*t
there go the glory boyz again they popping bottles and sh*t
i say if you need a feature homeboy hit up my line
i love when me and ben franklin be spending some time
walk in the mall by all the stores b*tch get on this grind
and if your boyfriend wanna be like me tell him get on his grind

[hook x2]

[verse 2:]
tadoe off the molly he r*t*rded and sh*t
take a look off in my closet lots of robins and sh*t
bentley coupes and hummer trucks and raris and sh*t
i do this so lolo don’t have to worry again
and kaykay can be like pops riding raris and sh*t
there go chief sosa, girl he ducking paparazzi again
you looking for me i’m in the woods with harley and sh*t

[hook x3]

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