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lirik lagu hard 2 smile – trae

(feat. styles p)

[talking: trae]
you know i never did understand
why they always told me to smile
sh*t it ain’t too much sh*t out here to smile fo’
real talk – you know it’s still *ssholes by nature, peep game

[verse 1: trae]
i remember comin up labeled the lil’n*gg*
watchin n*gg*s f*ck over they own, but see i kept it realer
but bein real ain’t always what n*gg*s make it to be
i never thought we’d make it and i’d have n*gg*s hatin ag
i got enough sh*t that i deal with on the day to day
pennitentaries and life after death don’t seem to go away
even though i never know the outcome
somethin say to pray, and try to do my best to understand he right around the way
i got a call from just the other day – telling me he by my side
i’m like what the f*ck you talkin bout – until he told me loinna died
it f*cked me up so much i couldn’t even go the wait
but if her family call i’m a make sure that they straight
it’s like this part of my life i live is d*mn near mastered
the mo’people i love, the mo’they get took away faster
sometimes i feel i talk to god alittle mo’then a pastor
probably to live and make sure my son never become a basterd
i never been the one to quit, i always been a leader
but i feel this world is like a b*tch and i know i don’t need her
if i knew it was this i’d never took the time to meet her
so i feel the frown across my face, the only way to greet her
in the process of bein’trae, i missed out as a child
probably because reality my style
and they told my cousin death before he’s thirty after checkin his file
he d*mn near twenty – eight so how the f*ck am i suppose to smile?

[talking: styles p]
i don’t know my n*gg*, i ask myself the same sh*t everyday
how the f*ck am i suppose to smile?
life’s real over here, you know

[verse 2: styles p]
styles don’t smile, the hood too foul
the lil’n*gg*s is wild, man lost trial
hit e’m with some numbers he ain’t even gon’chow
he ain’t even sleepin, he been thinkin ’bout his child
it’s real f*cked up but he won’t see him for awhile
same bullsh*t tryna get you a money pile
we all see the reefer, or the kill – doors locked
i keep the tech with the air hose c*cked
now i don’t wanna shoot or get shot, but paniro’s not
gon’f*ck with these f*ck n*gg*s i air those blocks
it’s real hard to sleep, when it’s money on the mind
murder on the mind, puffin on a dutch with a fist full of iron
somebody’s mom cryin, cause somebody’s boy dyin
it’s the same ole sh*t, from the wait to the funeral same ole trip
crack money, rap money the same ole grip
ask trae could i smile out in texas, livin wreckless
said the cops gon’get you and n*gg*s’ll leave you breathless
sh*t i’m a winner, mo’like a sinner
tryna make it to dinner – then live after breakfast

[talking: styles p]
you know, trae – sp
how the f*ck are we suppose to smile?
n*gg* answer me that
and maybe i’ll f*ckin smile, you know

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