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lirik lagu hard as a stone – a-camp

in the morning
and in the evening
when you think
you’re alone
too many hours
in your apartment
has made me
hard as a stone

i’ve tried to crack you
i told you you’re the one
but you must have thought
that i have gone
i told you a lotta lies
just to get laid
but your heart is
hard as a stone

you’re vicious
but i’m a man
i’m gonna do
what i can
to remain
hard as a stone

that little pigeon
where did you find her
i had to break her
every bone
eleven hours
in your pool
no longer
hard as a stone

she was delicious
now i’m the star
if you wanna be
what you are
you’ve gotta be
hard as a stone
hard as a stone
ha-ha-ha-hard as a stone

you’re mean
but i’m a man
it’s not exactly
what i planned
but it seems
i’m hard as a stone
i’m hard as a stone
seems i’m hard as a stone

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