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lirik lagu harvest – anekdoten

i’ve drunk my fill, sunk my will, bored myself with talk
end the dreaming, time for seeing life as real as now

synchronized in sharp focus, tuned with sp*ce and time
led by instinct and emotion, ruled by heart and mind

taking it all in
for each breath i give i’m closing in

the path that leads you back is there all the time
no doors have been shut to keep you outside
benevolent skies will lead the way
on from yesterday

losing our sight of the goal,
we runaround in our worlds of our own.
we runaround in our mazes alone.
(the treadmill is spinning on and on…)
we runaround…

taking it all in
for each breath i give i’m closing in

although our doubts and fears may hold us apart
i would like to be close to your heart
you have to believe – whatever may be –
that i do care

i know i fail to see you as i should
i scrabble on blind, but want to do good
fearing the fears that hold the door
love is the key to all

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