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lirik lagu heat sink – anvil

tempered hot, ready or not, you know what i need
white hot steel, gotta be real, gotta forge to feed
liquid lead my l*st unfed, will soon be cold
my love will last within your cast, your body is my mold

take the heat, burnin’ treat, push & shove, red hot love

blueing ore you want more, you just can’t stop
like a crane on a chain, i’ll take you to the top
got my hand on the firebrand, gonna mark you mine
molten flesh our bodies mesh, oblivious to time

take the heat, burnin’ treat, push & shove, red hot love

heat sink, i can’t think of n*body but you
heat sink, i’m on the brink, love’s comin through

crimson flames lovers’ pains, sweat beads down my back
clouds of smoke from the coal & c*ke, feel my heat attack

brittle gl*ss, softening m*ss, reserves now are spent
like tin weak and thin, frame work now is bent
the fire’s down the burnin’s stopped, leave me now to cool
cold black waste you’ve had a taste of my heated tool

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