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lirik lagu her favorite song – xv

her favorite song
(feat. raja)

[intro: x2]
in my dreams, you’re here with me somehow
i’m in love with someone out of town

[verse 1: xv]
it’s like you’re everywhere i’m not at
so you disrobin’ all your clothing while you open up your skype chat
and i was shooting for your heart when we had aim
but i quit talking cause my target was the rap game
i always said my first love gets my last name
but i know this long road drives you insane
but just know: i will never go from tinman to scarecrow
trading in my heart just to get brain
and you’re a h*ll of a drug, i’m on my rick james
turn you to my super freak when i spit game
but you still feel alone
cause you want to put your head on my chest, not your ear to the phone
lay down, put me in your ear
describe your mood and the things you wear
got my thinking d*mn, girl, i need you here
she said, “i’m about to come”, and i said, “see you… there”
and she goes…

[hook: raja]
she sings her favorite song
she sings it all alone
they see it in her eyes
she does it every night
cause she plays my song ’til her heart beats like drums for me

[verse 2: xv]
let my heart be a state, my soul be a city
and we’re on the same block cause your time’s on vizzy
and i know them other girls seem pretty
but when you do it big, there are just so… many
so i would never do it just to lose it
do my eyes seem foolish? if i try, say you want it
put a nine with a bullet, to my mind and just pull it
cause i’d have to be blind on my side, sandra bullock
my phone jail broken, that’s a cell with no bars
and i don’t even know where i are
trying to get some cut, you want to get lit
so i’m talking sh*t like a barber at a bar
n*gg*s ask, “where your man? “, you say, “very far”
they ask for direction, you point to the stars
so much sp*ce in between the sp*ce bar
f*ck it, tell them, “clear the way, i’m about to take off”
and she goes…


[bridge: xv]
put on your itunes and sing for me
spray my cologne and put on my t for me
when i’m gone, i know you dream of me
(her heart beats like drums for me)
put on your itunes and sing for me
spray my cologne and put on my t for me
put your t*tties up on the screen for me
when i’m gone, i know you dream of me


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