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lirik lagu here we go – funkyjahpunkys

movin up and movin down, focus lost inside this cloud
losin this and losin that, lucky my head is not a hat
can we stop and can we stay, not without the funds to pay
won’t be loud, no not a peep, too d*mn cold that bus to sleep

here we go, here we go

look me up, you look me down, will you ever lose that frown
judging on me is judging you, don’t you know that you’re the fool
like my hair i see you stare, why is it that you care
how i act and what i do, don’t you know that’s just plain rude

here we go, here we go

here we come oh yes indeed, it’s all your strangers that we feed
what a rush, oh what a high, ride your ride into the sky
you make me smile you make me cry, for this crowd i’ll come alive
doin this thing and makin this noise, just a bunch of punk lovin boys

here we go, here we go

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