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lirik lagu homebrew – george

there’s a strange new breed, a kind of homebrew
their apathy, curdles
they gotta be there see that, do their darling chit chat,
climb up your own pedestal

what’s happened to them over there?
it’s safe down here
what’s up with that hole up there?
it’s too far away to see

there’s a strange new breed, a kind of homebrew
it could be you or me
i know i sit next to him on the bus

his tie firmly in place, his destination secure
down his tunnel through his tunnel in his bubble with his bible
in his bubble, with his bible, in his bubble,

what’s gonna give?
do we have to shake you?
when will your nine to five be broken open?
what’s gonna give?
when will you listen to those who’ve seen this cycle before?

’45 wasn’t that long ago
’45 wasn’t that long ago

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