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lirik lagu house next door – 1080

it’s a shame that we live in an imperfect world / for audrey taylor from the house next door / just last year her husband died, audrey became a bit senile / she still thinks she owns her house, but her son sold her out / he sold her house and all her things, didn’t tell her anything / he put her in a nursing home where she spends her final days alone…
although i may not know what the future has in store / i hope it’s not all as corrupt as the house next door
the new neighbours are moving in, first doing some construction / with the help of low wager mexican day laborers / they brag to us like it’s joke, pretend to be decent folk / human rights are second best, we honor most our own best dressed / they’re moving in any day now, things have changed we see and how / our greed and pride lead us in, overlooking our own sins

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