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lirik lagu hustle hard – lil’ kim

“hustle hard”

(aw sh*t!) another day another dollar my homey
(it’s that hustle hard right here man!)
you already smell, you know how it go
(it’s cold outside) same old sh*t, just a different day
but feel the (aftermath), even (dre)

the same old sh*t, just a different toilet
it is what it is, sometimes i cain’t call it
i need another house – another coop
i’m tryin to buy a alley, so guess what i’ma do?
hustle, hustle, hustle hustle hard [3x]
closed mouths don’t get fed on this boulevard

million dollar deposit
half a mill’ in my closet
phantom milky white chocolate
if the roof is on then i chop it
s1 on my finger
but it’s still real in that beemer
i just bought the new m6
while they customizin my gina
can we pull up at your party
maybachs, ferraris
ducatis ‘n hollys
pink seats in bugatis
don’t nothin move ’til i say so
we all about them pesos
irs, n*gg* we the mob
we hustle hard, cocaine dough
gatless ‘stead of topless
ain’t them b*tches solid?
my mens bought me that white rose
and i ain’t talkin flowers
occupied you workers
what’chu worry about what i’m earnin?
money i keep burnin
as the world keep turnin


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