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lirik lagu i do it – big sean

i do it [x3]
boi [x4]

[verse 1:]
n*gg*, f*ck yo time n*gg*!
i waited my whole life to be the man of the hour
i really can’t lie, i was the man when i started
i’ll be the man when i die
man these hoes take yo money
and i take they virginity
i’m high, i split an o in half, now it’s a parenthesis
i’m crazier than crazy, ape sh*t, r*t*rdedly stupid
i put that weed in the air and p*ss it
yep that’s ally oopin, okay
now oh, that’s your girl
well i don’t give a m*ssa-two-sh*ts
okay i’m westside, westside till i’m died and underneath them tulips
you bordo like enrique, i’m toupee, i’m threepay
i’m looking like i’m a sweep stakes
but i treat ya girl like a cheap skate
cause i need a crib, a big estate
i need a boat and that need a lake
i need some salmon, and that need a plate
that need a chef so i feed my safe
my crew is who i’d be widdy-de-wid-it
rosã©, i sippity-sip-it
i’m quagmire, i f*ck hoes
my cashflow, i giggity-git it
boy, i’m c*ck-a-manian
the most zaniest, insaniant
pulling up in merced-iance
rolling up like i’m damian
i love girls that’s arabian, albanian, caucasian
i ride around gettin cranium cause my d*ck is hard as t*tanium
oh boy you had your chance, and blew it (you blew it)
stand aside and watch a real n*gg* do it (b*tch)

i do it [x7]
boi [x9]

i feel like, the world mine
b*tch bow down, the world mine
i’m a let you live, the world mine
the world mine

[verse 2:]
the one and only in this m*th*f*cker
n*gg*s staring like we the only ones in this m*th*f*cker
how could you not know we in this m*th*f*cker
i got my haters looking lonely in this m*th*f*cker
woah, i’m sipping on whatever i get handed
throwin house parties so crazy that my crib look like a campus
play yo cards right and i could blow you up
nah, i ain’t gambit sh*t, i’m wasted, wasted
this looks like a job for captain planet
nah, nah, good lordy, wowdy, i just took more shots than kobe
the realest n*gg*s is reppin
the baddest b*tches promoting
she put that thong on my groin groin
and then it go boing!
got my fronter on her b*mper does it look like she toying
i hustle hard like i’m finna lose the crib
and party hard like i’m finna do it bid
all i ever do is big
so all she wanna do is big
girl, what your name is, i really can’t remember
and tone breaking tree down, somebody yell out timber
i’m up up in them kush clouds, lighting up like i’m zeus
b*tch stand back watch how a real n*gg* do it (b*tch)

i do it [x7]
boi [x9]

i feel like the world mine
b*tch bow down, the world mine
i’m a let you live, the world mine
the world mine



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