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lirik lagu i don’t see nobody – fabolous

“i don’t see n*body”

ay you n*gg*z can’t be f*ckin serious man
i see what’s goin on
n*gg*z stand out like a b*m on the street with his hand out man
i’m right here, it’s ‘loso, street fam
i don’t see n*body [3x]
nah, i don’t see none of you n*gg*z man
i think i’m goin blind
i don’t see n*body [3x]
f*ckin stevie on y’all n*gg*z
stop and lean for mine
i don’t see n*body [3x]
my b*tch is helen keller man she can’t see y’all
i think i’m goin blind
i don’t see n*body [3x]
the f*ck outta here (we been lookin past y’all n*gg*z)
let’s go ‘loso
when i’m on my grind

ay y’all, since yay tall, i’ve been like ray charles
i don’t see n*body, they all, lay sprawl
whever they may fall, but that’s really they call
watch the name you say y’all, i may call, back
once you see that k y’all, they fall, back
i would rather spray y’all than pay y’all back
a n*gg* got impaired vision, there isn’t
a person who can slow mine, i don’t pay them no mind
i just can’t see it, baby girl i’m so blind
busy on my dope grind, i don’t see no sign
of them gettin close to this, i’m lookin picture perfect
hater you can posted this, i got a phone n*gg*
cataract, nope, i don’t even chatter back
i just got the caddy back, with the d’s on that b*tch
maybe it’s the dark shades, blame these mark jacobs
but if we sleepin on you n*gg*z, i ain’t tryin to wake up

[chorus: repeat 2x]
i don’t see n*body [3x]
i think i’m goin blind
i don’t see n*body [3x]
when i’m on my grind

[over chorus]
i can’t see
no f’real i can’t see, i don’t see these n*gg*z like
who gon’ stop me? street fam n*gg*
you got glaucoma or somethin like
y’knahmean? yeah

i done lost sight of you n*gg*z
when the lazy eye’s left i cross right on you n*gg*z
i need tintin, i’m squintin like the sun is in my eye
but my n*gg*’s on the trigger and the gun is on his thigh
wait for one of them to try, that’s when one of them’ll die
there’s a lot of p*ssy n*gg*z but not one of them is i
i, make it possible for you to go bye bye
in the hospital, you can find ’em by i, c-u
no i don’t see you
nah she don’t see him, no we don’t see them
and you know mine roll like they wear a blindfold
she won’t let son in, she keep the blinds closed
i remind hoes, we don’t do the man starin
it’s about us, the rest of y’all are transparent
like my grandparents, i’ma need my gl*sses
i don’t see n*body fly as my conceited *sses


[over chorus]
we don’t see n*body man i swear to god like
i’m really ray charles in this
like if you want to be seen let yourself be seen man
f*ckin saga pieces of sh*t man
n*gg*z, see n*gg*z hate you on on the inside
like, love you on the outside

i don’t see none of you n*gg*z man
rollo what it is man i see you out there man
i see that street fam
let’s go
like i told y’all n*gg*z man, we go everywhere
but when we there i don’t see n*body man
that’s it man (“you can’t see us!”)

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