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lirik lagu i don’t wanna lose you – rooney

“i don’t wanna lose you”

you’re looking at me, you’re lost in a stare
well, i have to admit i didn’t know you were there
we’re trying our best to keep this alive,
but neither one of us knows how to survive

i push you, i pull you
i hurt you, i argue
i don’t wanna lose you, i don’t wanna lose you
i fight you, i hold you
i hate you, i still love you
i don’t wanna lose you…

i don’t want to think about yesterday
i know what i said
but the more you put up with me, the worse i get
come on, teach me a lesson
and make me regret the things i said


it’s not you, it’s not me
it’s just something we can’t see
i’m giving up, giving in
yeah, i’m gonna let it be

i don’t wanna lose you, i don’t wanna lose you [4x]

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