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lirik lagu i give a fuck – cam meekins

i give a f*ck

[verse 1: cam meekins]
i used to wake up in the morning get dressed look in the mirror
but i threw away the mirror and now i see a little clearer
it ain’t about what i can’t get
it is about the fact that i can’t let some people let me down because they are the sh*t
because what is going on, when they are going to sleep
atleast i got the opportunity to love what i can be
man i ain’t perfect, i got insecurities
i’m just a thinker and that lonely guy you might see on the tee (yeah)
i live my life a little off-center from the norm
i ain’t going to lie i’d rather sit in a starbucks then go on tour
i’d rather make my own beats then rap on some other dudes production
i’m honest with my sounds, they ain’t going to drop me so f*ck it
i’d rather call my girl on a cellphone than call my girl a b*tch
i wish i had a girl to write this song with (d*mn)
i’m being honest man, i hope my life works out
but there ain’t nothing i can do
so i just drive around and shout like, i just drive around and shout like

[hook x2]
she say why you gotta be so serious?
why you gotta be so cool?
and why do we all sit like we don’t give a f*ck
when truthfully we all do

[verse 2: cam meekins]
i’m not a rapper and i’m not a college rapper
i am truthfully too stubborn to sit and listen to a lecture
they said i didn’t apply myself
so when the time came around to apply, i didn’t apply myself
my flow is a little unconventiontal at times i still got spirit
also i might just have spilled some coffee on my lyrics
i like photography and pretty girls
i like to sit in circles, i like to talk and i like to think about the world
i like to think my *n*lytics makes some sense to all the critiques
it must be hard to make an alb*m when all you talk about is b*tches
i’d rather spit what is on my mind at one particular time, i guess that time is now so hey what’s up ma?
shouts to the people that don’t give a f*ck, that must be nice
because i got some anxiety, i’m dealing with this kind of life
i guess i’m not sure where i’m going
but there is nothing i can do
so i just turn the speakers up and sing for you

[hook x7]

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