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lirik lagu i’m good – wiz khalifa

“i’m good”

[verse 1:]
i’m g – o – o… d ya feel me?
fresh fit new chucks (new chucks)
i swear i feel like a million bucks (million bucks)
and dem leather seats feel like plush (uh-huh)
4 twelves make my sh*t go b*mp (go b*mp)
20 carrots got your b*tch goin nuts
livin like a star so dey get so struck
far as rap got dis sh*t sowed up
ridin by myself couple sticks rolled up
on dese frames i done spent so much
n*gg*s wanna nip so da fo fifth on tuck
and jus look don’t touch
i kno u don’t see dis usually but excuse me dese gucci
got a future so bright u’ll see
man i’m dis young y is life so sweet
in my shoes yea dey might wanna be
da cameras right here and da lights on me
let’s go

i’m good
livin jus da way i should
most n*gg*s ain’t think i could
look homie i’m good
doin wat i said i would
u try but 2 me it ain’t nun 2 it
cause lil homie i’m good
most n*gg*s ain’t think i could
but i’m livin jus da way i should
yea homie i’m good
yea i’m good
yea i’m good
yea i’m good

[verse 2:]
more cars more clothes
get money dats da life i chose
chase money n*gg* y chase hoes
dey ain’t even want me till my neck got froze
and da price got told
stories by trips in da nice sized homes
it’s a game play da life i kno
on the winnin end wen the dice got rolled
tall n*gg* so my flights got room
small n*gg* so i always got goons
say u get a lil cash dats cool
i prolly spent more than dat on tattoos
i got da formula ya need 2 find
my city on lock and da keys r mine
so u can gon keep ya piece of mind cause i’m g 2 o’s and a d with mine
let’s go


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