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lirik lagu i’m the bomb – ace hood

i’m the bomb

street certified!
i’m the bomb, motherf*cka, i’m the bomb (i’m the bomb)
i’m the bomb, motherf*cka, i’m the bomb (i’m the bomb)
outta time

this the grenade flow came to set the bomb on ya (bomb on ya)
head on ’em, very bright, call me street corner (ow!)
see watch your words ’cause the choppa heat speak coma (yah!)
hot n*gg* b*tch, arizona, california (whoo!)
cash surfin’, hit the bank like cowabunga (cowabunga)
every summer make it rain while you just thunder
baby, i do numbers, 28 red hummers
never played the band, mac 11 hand drummer
he ain’t sayin’ nothin’, clean hundred seen comin’
you think he seen somethin’, bullets got ’em mean muggin’
got his whole team swearin’ they ain’t seen nothin’
a lot of sound, get yo baby mother face busted
the feds want him but that lamborghini speed on ’em (vroom!)
call the fettucini, swag on the tag homie (tag homie)
mr. miyagi flow, kickin’ down the d*mn door (b-bow!)
hot diamonds on the wrist, call it h*llfroze
an animal, i’m eatin’ n*gg*s like hannibal
i’m ’bout to blow, when i land, call me cannonball
i’m rappin’ circles ’round these urkels, they in metapause (metapause?)
we never fall, tell these haters grow a set of b*lls
so i can shoot ’em in and luck can play the cheddar ball (huh?)
you cross that water into florida, welcome to the mob (yeah?)
you see that broward county, border pedder, or the guys (huh?)
’cause we eat n*gg*s, sweet potatoe *ss pie
ask the last guy, turn him into mascots
them bullets smash out, squeeze into the last round
and all hands down, better be a man down
we ain’t trippin’, bury him into a sand pile
i’m a land mine, better watch the d*mn ground (bow!)
ha! yeah! so what you motherf*ckers sayin’ now? (sayin now)
he the next, yeah the best, b*tch hands down (down)

i’m the bomb, motherf*cka, i’m the bomb (i’m the bomb)
i’m the bomb, motherf*cka, i’m the bomb (i’m the bomb)
tick, tick, bow!
outta time

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