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lirik lagu i remember – tyga

i remember
(feat. the game & future)

[hook: future]
it’s been a long d*mn time since a n*gg* sold dope
but if you put a brick right in front of me, i remember
baking soda and a triple beam, i remember
loaded fully auto-magazine, i remember

[bridge: future]
i done f*cked so many b*tches that i can’t remember names, but if you
put that p*ssy right up in my face, i remember, the way she put it down
on the flo’, i remember, the way she bring it down on the pole, i remember

[verse 1: game]
pop the p*ssy don’t play with it, i don’t care if kayne hit it
i don’t care if jay hit it, i’mma eat it up and i’mma lay wit’ it
we shot a choppa’ at the gun range, got stupid cars, got dumb change
red bottoms, let the tongue hang, got a off-white porsche, c*m stain
i’m whippin’ work (i remember), roll up that purp’ (i remember)
po’ up that surp, (i don’t remember) how tunechi had that purple slushie
comin’ out that blender
got a keisha, got a ronda, got a neisha, got a tanya, got a teisha
and had a honda, and i eat her anaconda
got condomds in that condo, got kush greener than rondo
still hit me up for that blow, you already know



[verse 2: tyga]
got a rolls royce, got a black benz, got a bad b*tch, with some bad friends
she bring em’ through and i f*ck them, but i don’t f*ck with them in public
got random b*tches just walkin’ up, they be like “do you remember us?”
she show me that tat, on her *ss, and i be like “i remember”
chop it up, like a blender, i f*ck then i befriend her
got a red b*tch call her ginger, *ss and cash on my agenda
you buy the b*tch, we rent her, she took the cash and i sent her
that p*ssy prolly’ so tight, callin that sh*t ‘illegal tender’
(hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up), that’s a young n*gg* dinner
fish eyes to a f*ckin’ lion, that’s visene, n*gg* never cry
we the young n*gg*s wild’n out, talkin’ sh*t to n*gg*s that’s 35
yo daughter pull in my driveway, i smash that in overdrive



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