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lirik lagu i’sa playa – pimp c

(feat. bun b, twista & z-ro)

[pimp c:]
hold up
comin’ down
hold up
smoke somethin’

[verse 1: pimp c]
lately he been flippin’ and, stayin’ on the grind
tellin’ you that you fine, but he ain’t spendin’ no time
i be pourin’ wine, tryin’ to, knock out your spine
make you mine, from behind, to some slowed down “bump n’ grind”
his thang like a dirty sweet, from off the street
my thang like a o’ of indo, from sacremento
lately y’all been monkeyin’, he, call you a b*tch
keep me all up in yo’ sh*t, tryina dig you a new ditch
now i admit, that he rich, and that his money is good
got my d*cked sucked in his ‘six, i’m f*ckin’ on leather and wood
i’m just a yougin’ from the hood, with some d*ck if ya good
with him, you know that you shouldn’t
with me, you know that you should
go p*ssy thug, like a glove when i push and i shove
knock a dime out the climb, cause i ain’t makin’ love
see yo’ man the type of guy, to get jealous and hit’cha
but me, i lick ya where he don’t, and suck real hard on yo’ nipple
my game is sharp as a cicle, she love my pickle
and if you gave her a dime, n*gg* she gave me a nickle
so while you thinkin’, she done jet, she got my d*ck on her mind
keep on neglectin’ yo’ gal, young pimp c be spendin’ yo’ time

[hook: girl singing]
it’s, liike
sooome-thing’s goin’ wrong
something’s goin’ wrong

guess, we’ve
been apart, too long
beeeen, aaa-paart

[verse 2: bun b]
well naturally, i have to be, dead serious, maybe not
let me tell a tale about this broad that thought she played me out
yes, i was impressed, by the s*x in her *ss
w-u-i-s her, versacci, down like fran, dress her, bless her heart
she was a sweet-tart, but’cha never understood her point in our duo
talkin’ smart with’ all that “you know”, comin’ with’ he-say, she-say
from what she heard at the club, bout some chick that i had played on
well b*tch, you should have stayed home
she mad cause i done told her girl off, but the b*tch was wrong, and you
you gon’ let these messy ho’s f*ck yo’ world off
i tried to love her man, but see love is one thang, and dumb is anotha
brotha, i’d be dumb to let her run thangs
i should’ve p*ssed, but i was g*ssed, super-unleaded
and her nappy-headed *ss gon’ regret it, remember i said it
cause i’m, in a sublime, new state and frame of mind
cause it’d be a crime, for me to waste my time
my time

it’s, liike
sooome-thing’s goin’ wrong
something’s goooooin’ wrong

guess, we’ve
been apart, too long
beeeen, aaa-paart

[verse 3: twista]
did you ever think about who’s *ss ya girl’s was
before the booty had became yours?
if a n*gg*’s sane flows, you know everythang goes
f*ckin’ in it til’ it’s colorful as rainbows
sportin’ furry kango’s, she can’t go, rockin’ paid shows
paper hard to fold, plus i roll slick, keep talkin’ sh*t
if you don’t like me, it’s most like-ly, cause i done holla’d at yo b*tch
why she so thick? tellin’ lies and ya said to be believin’ ’em
but i make her feel like “uh-huh”, can you do it? “uh-huh”
but when i scoup her up, she know that i’m the one to make a sl*t-c*m
gotta man, he a lame anyway, mother-f*ck that stuff
mad cause i snuck that love, baby don’t bust that slug
so go on head roll up that bud, so we can f*ck
so w*ssup? now we in the suburb’, submerged, watch a movie
or b*mpin’ u-g, k sh*t, scoop a b*tch or hit the booty
how the man, yea i knew g, but she don’t usually, say sh*t
cause the p*ssy make a motherf*cka wanna ball up and cry
chicka-pow-pow, i love them thighs when i’m rollin’ aside
i ain’t gon’ up and die, like the guy that we got high
take away more than two hits, two blows
she heard my new sh*t, it was new clothes
new golds, carefully herringbones, and cell-phones
but her friend home, now i’m freakin’ two ho’s
if ya girl be with’ me, somethin’ nifty, she prob’ly wanna lick me
i’m the twista, i flame a ho p*ssy drunk and drippy
d*mn skippy, gamin’ it from a shot of mississippi, now pimp on

[hook: to fade]
it’s, liike
sooome-thing’s goin’ wrong
something’s goooooin’ wrong

guess, we’ve
been apart, too long

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