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lirik lagu if i can’t dance – sophie ellis bextor

a new dawn waits for us tonight
if you play the cards, you’re holding right
i swear i’ll keep in party line
cross my heart and hope to die
if i lose myself to rhythm
doesn’t mean i lose control
if i can’t dance
if i can’t dance
oh, baby, if i can’t dance
if i can’t dance
if i can’t dance
then i don’t need any part of your revolution
can you see the action in my head?
the town we’re paiting turning red?
we need a new wave i can ride
if we are ever gonna turn this side
politicize my own endeavors
i’ve no use for your protocol
[chorus (x2)]
oh darling don’t be so unkind
the beat must never be denied
[chorus (x2)]

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