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lirik lagu igotagun – mellowhype


[?] through my precisions
i’m killing, lyrical villain
i’m higher, touchin’ the ceilin’
i’m willing to f*cking win this
i’m in this to finish n*gg*s for dinner
[?] look out below to your temple (boom)
i call back, september, october, november, december
you f*ggots put on your jackets before it snow in the winter
rookies and ginger cookies, going to school, playing hookey
[?] to overlook me
no contest, i arm wres, monster on his loch ness
[?] p*n*s, hoochies hop up on my crotches
spotless, f*cking a conscious goddess
in the darkness, [?] is all set, i got this
heartless, congress, condoms
working on a topless [?]
the comp*ss is directing, secting
i get carried away with the s*xting, complexing
she’s yours, i’m annexing

i got a gun (i c*ck it back)
i got a gun (betta wear your strap)
i got a gun (n*gg*, don’t get clapped)
you better run (see it in my lap)
i got a gun (n*gg*, got my gun)
i got a gun (n*gg*, this sh*t fun)
i got a gun (i’m a kill that b*tch)
you better run

left brain is my lex luger, b*tch i’m waka flocka
over the stove, mixing music [?] pasta
swag me the f*ck out, i stash my dirty money at casey’s house
put my gold teeth in a vulture’s mouth
120 degrees [?] pistol holster’s pouch
radness of warriors, jewlery store, glory wh*r*s
bl**dy and lovely, wolf gang coyote ugly
i’m a wild animal, b*tch, i can’t be tamed
or identified, or better, even named
and ho, that’s a shame
shoulda applied more effort in this game
yeah, call me acronym jim, keep my beretta and my burgundy tim

shoot that n*gg*, make sure he dead
shoot that n*gg*, aim for his head
kill that b*tch and steal her purse
call everybody here her phone
if that motherf*cka works
take that, b*tch
$40 a month

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