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lirik lagu i’m a be alright – thicke

i had my dreams woken
man i almost got some
i had my car stolen
now my radios gone
i had this fine woman
i couldn’t get none
it seems like the world is up against me
for something i’ve done
i still got my mind, still got my music baby
i’m a be alright x2
all of my bills are pilin cause i spent what i owe
i wasn’t invited to any parties, so i’m throwing my own
can’t get a job cause i ain’t been lookin for one

i’m a be alright
i’m a keep on dancin
i’m a get the champange all to myself
i’m a be alright
i’m a keep it movin
i’m a give this love all over the world
and on and on

here she comes hawkin
she’s tire as all h*ll
she’s lookin at me for somethin
the sheeba can’t tell
i’m on my mind
i sit at my radio all day baby
i’m a be alright

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