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lirik lagu i’m back – avias seay

dis right here is my track

other lame mc’s time to fall back

i’m stacking all this paper… you call “stacks”

i hear yall secretly talking “there go avias” um shutting down chit chats

my wrist just bling-ing car ride 5 deep in chuck taylors not cheap in um up yall sleeping
thought i was bout to leave in i just came back with a-nother track
other mc’s rap but don’t know what to do. i add 3 lyrics and subtract by two how many fanz they got
my outcome equalled two.
“avias kill it”

step out friday night, long sleeve cut tight, my swag so mean, got n*gg*z wanting to fight, pull up in the benz, head on to the back, last time i check ” tim we v.i.p right?” and i’m pretty boyed down, i enter room don’t make a sound, got versace shades and my click standing around, 14 k earrings d*mn they bout weigh a pound i know you hating n*gg* smile fades into a frown

yall n*gg*z can’t see me
i’m hard like that gl*ss on yo tv screens
how many times i got to explain again and again
i’m that feeling that you have when you just lost yo bestfriend
avias take off

i’m back like a villian, be-tter yet like the cops, when they bout to bring the dogs in ta-king all yo rocks
n*gg*z rocking to my music like a lady in a chair, better yet rocking like they at a concert so prepare
no be lazy yo, not aware, wash you out like lice in dirty old hair. i’m a flirty so move yo girl from over there
cause she bound to be in da crib don’t believe me then dare. i got a pretty boy swag, so a pretty boy flare.
dis be avias da rap nemesis “um da best” yo i swear!

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