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lirik lagu i’m trying to sleep – anvil

i hate the sound of an alarm clock in my ear
when i’ve been up all night downing a case of beer
i pray the lord my soul for him to keep
don’t you know that my rest just don’t come cheap

f*ck off i’m trying to sleep
i’m trying to sleep

too much coffee i need a sleeping pill
i need a rest but ya know i never will
i’ve been awake so long feels like the four day creep
it won’t be long before they bury me six feet deep

when i get tired and longing for my bed
i plug my ears, hide my achin’ head
i shut the world out, my seclusion is deep
all i really want is to get some sleep

a woman’s touch is keeping me awake
when it’s morning i’m gonna need a break
my mind’s in shambles, my body’s in a heap
if i don’t get some shut eye i’m gonna start to weep

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