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lirik lagu imagine this – amb

imagine this
jamie was the girl, she’s all alone
on her way home she’s in her own time zone
depressed cause everyone around her just wants to go
n-body got no time to sit and talk to her no more
little did she know she was being followed
richy was the boy that had no love in his soul
he walked up behind her and cracked jamie in the skull
and knocked her on the mud and then raped her in the cold
now she’s beatten and destroyed
her soul is just a void
why did richy do that to her?
cause he was raised from a boy
to take what you want
and hurt those who have it
and if you don’t your daddys gonna beat you godd-mnit
so that’s what he did
a confused little kid
with the mind of his daddy that a woman is a b-tch
and you hate that b-tch
and you raped that b-tch
and cause your daddy’s rich
you can excape that sh-t

now richy had a sister
you can only imagine
living with richy and her dad there was never any laughing
only fighting and grabbin
only bitin and stabbin
only crying and asking why do i live with these b-st-rds?
and now she’s lost
her daddy has her brain programmed
that she is the devil
and that god is a man
and that she is a slave to their devilish ways
and she must take the secret of what richy did to her grave

and so she sits in her room
until the middle of the night
she makes a choice and decides
to get daddys forty-five
she knows how to use it that’s a rule of the house
she goes into richys room and she shoved it in his mouth
blood all over her handsome face
she didn’t even flinch
it was her form of release
daddy heard the sound
and went to the room and busted in
she shot him
put it to her head and pulled the trigger again…

she pulled the trigger again…
and she died for him!

she took the secret to her grave
and pulled the trigger again

she died for him! for him… for him… him… him…

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