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lirik lagu incinerator – apt 3g

i’m going to seattle with a shotgun in my hand
i’m gonna blow your *ss away because you
dissed my band
i despise you
you’re probably just a four – eyed geek whose
values are insane
i’m gonna take a rusty icepick and insert it in your
i despise you
but i love the monster hero
i read your reviews i find them hilarious
how does it feel to trip the lights vicarious
you’re politically correct, worthless boring and
i don’t wonna hear about the party you went to
last night
you’re the kind of person that i just can’t stand
i don’t wanna hear about your life cause you’re
not lester bangs
if you don’t like my band you’re sh*t
that’s all there is to it
put down your pen and your paper
you’re just an intellectual faker
rocknroll doesn’t need you

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