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lirik lagu indestructible – matisyahu

[chorus 1: x2]
fear n*body but his majesty
my spirit, you’ll be deep
for you i wait, silently
it seems that you believe in me

indestructible, digging through the rubble
bubblin’, we don’t need no more trouble
never had this cold vision, hot hot friction
like i’m running a muck upon a rhythm
stay on a plan so you don’t lose the vision
stay sizzlin’, (peter paddled from a plane
like this is from the city fillin’ in)?
your breathin’ in
you put on your gl*sses and you see through it

[chorus 2: x2]
(fear no one) fear n*body but his majesty
my spirit, you’ll be deep
(his majesty) for you i wait, silently
it seems that you believe in me

some of them run, run, runnin’ like a rat on a wheel
try feel fine, a new deal
who is there? ticket for a meal
the world is real, on the heels of the final generation
i remember that day in november
standing on a roof and i’m feeling so tender
all shook up, like i’ve been in the blender
fend off the demons in the park after dark
lend me your hand, i want to be a member
spent too much and now i’m rendered…dead
mend these wounds, we got to find a common thread
want to fly in the sky ya heavy like lead

[chorus 2: x2]

just a tool in the hands of the builder
fill them with the strength to go further
digging deep for eternal treasure
stay away from quick sand and false pleasure
them mouth’s speak with arrogance
appearance like a lion lurking in the mist
they surround and they gaze their fix
grab the rope of god’s heritage

[chorus 2: x2]

release me from their schemes
my distress you will relea-
-shield me on the path that’s dark and slippery
their sick deception and futility
i stand with integrity
sneak to the roof of that building
don’t want n*body here to see me
they’re saying that i’m living in a fantasy
but i believe if i did keep
and i bleed in sincerity
won’t you utterly remove the cloud hanging over me
won’t you wave that decree in the shade of your wings
shelter me from the wicked who have plundered me
from my mortal enemies, won’t you shield me…

(…oooh mama, yo yo yo yo…)

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