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lirik lagu induct – divinity

it pulls you in deep
down under your skin
before you step back
no time, no release,
no time
focus the want, will not fail
force breed the need

induce, indulge yourself, all is lost
in this addiction, too much too soon
i want more and more and more
plethora, i want more

drown your sorrows in a drunken haze cirrhosis
smoke this and set your mind ablaze
sensory apocalypse
sacrifice for the dust, the blow
stab me in the back for fifty f*cking dollars.

locked, syncopated motion
dead in movement
a strung up example
rising tides brings descending damage
what makes you do those things you do?
internal voices, subliminal impulse, reaction

in the moment of pure panic
you reap what you sewn
in the moment of pure panic
you reap what you sewn
induce, indulge yourself

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