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lirik lagu industrial sickness – abomination

dumped in rivers, poured in sewers
industrial sickness, industrial sickness
crude misgivings, ruthless burnings
industrial sickness, industrial sickness
demented prophets polluting nonstop
industrial sickness, industrial sickness
destroying creatures, misleading preachers
industrial sickness, industrial sickness

lacerating the fruits of earth
manipulating the people who serve
infuriating protectors of nature
destroying forests for trial and demand

jeopardize the fate of human kind
morbid views and indescretions
unify the cause and redesign
techniques to reserve the damage
subsidize our nature
values of the rich demanding
progress is start of our decline
industries at fault, it’s treason

unprooting the trees, and abusing our needs
burning excess, destroy our atmosphere
polluting the oceans, and taint our supply
absorbing the chemicals, pledging to fry

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