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lirik lagu inferno – capricorn

emptiness around me
there’s nothing i can hear
but voices keep on calling
while i’m drifting far away

watch my eyes are speaking
gazing like insane
if my throat could only tell you
hallowed be my name

but my heart’s still beating
i’m still living with the fear
that vision could be real
i close my eyes
softly sinking into dawn
open my mind
to a world i’ve never known

i see your cities crumble
watch your houses burn
*ss*ssinated faith and hope
never will return

chaos, death, disorder
murder everywhere
meet your children’s ashes in the darkness of despair

fire spitting serpents
across the blood red skies
creatures have mutated
to the most aggressive kind

m*ssive evolution
ends the last decade
expurgitates a culture
and the world will be erased

i cannot breathe
this is the funeral of mankind that i see
i cannot speak
further into the deep
i’m drowning in fear
i’m drowning in real

but my heart’s still beating
i’m still living with the fear
that this is not a dream
i’m drowning in real
i close my eyes

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