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lirik lagu intro – kid ink

back up on my sh*t, put it in reverse
said its kid ink baby, put em in a he*rs*
b*tton up my shirt, watch me go to work
take a hit from the swisher then i hit em with rehe*rs*d
gettin paid everyday, 15th and the 1st
gotta b*tch so bad, man it couldn’t get worse
big fish like moby
swisher never boney
realest n*gg* here, yall just phony
all black shades, got me lookin color blind
all them n*gg*s broke girl, you can pay them no nevermind
since i came and took charge of the game i haven’t been declined
bet it all, sweat it out

i’m all in
i’m all in
b*tch i’m all in
i’m all in

they say all work, no play
b*tch i have a house party everyday
n*gg*s couldn’t see me with the coast guard
come and watch me make it look good, postcard
yea, i’m stimulated off the reefer
blowin up fast like i’m playin minesweeper
killin compet*tion got me feeling like the reaper
ballin like a mothaf*cka n*gg* don’t you reach in
cuz i, leave you at the foul line
b*tch its the alumni
grade a, certified
heard of i?
know its goin down like the birth rate
tell em its a movement, bout to start a earthquake
b*tch i run the buildin
run and duck for cover mothaf*cka
i’m just tryna get some like the drummer
it ain’t nothin don’t see nothin don’t need nothin but a a blunt
and i am good
burnin up like firewood understood?

i’m all in
i’m all in
b*tch i’m all in
i’m all in

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