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lirik lagu it’s triv – twisted insane

it’s triv

bang on n*gg*s like its 84
told yo set if you come back
that i’ll pound these n*gg*s
i don’t give a f*ck where da n*gg*
from you run up talkin dumb and i’ll drown these n*gg*s
got some lil homies that’ll clown you n*gg*s
run up in the vacant block i ain’t a b*tch
hit a mother f*cker with a missile at a n*gg* pistol if a n*gg* really want the ignant sh*t
all by myself with the homies gone
i walk into a room full of gangsta n*gg*s
back to the wall with the n*gg*s all muggin only a matter of time before i bank a n*gg*
f*ck what you thought i’m a sick n*gg*
real with the sh*t like a f*ckin man
the b*tch shows up wit another n*gg*?
good luck that’s a b*tch i can’t f*ckin stand
n*gg*s who be ackin all tough and sh*t
you know the ones who be thinkin they be buff and sh*t
last year n*gg* was a lil too skinny
n*gg* just the right size for my slug to hit
just the right color for the bloods to get
posted outside with the infa green
beam on a n*gg* while i lean on a n*gg* with the hollow tips on the ar15
should i really just get this n*gg*
hit em wit a mac
hit em in the back
never that
put em in a sack then
zip this n*gg*
have the lil homies just zip this n*gg*
pick em up then dip this n*gg*
f*ck what you talkin bout
drag a n*gg* but nekkid all
through the set then split this n*gg*

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