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lirik lagu it’s not me, it’s you – it’s like love

kisses your hand, tells you that he loves you
he says he gonna make all your dreams come true.
“trust me” he said, we’ll take the worlds last tour.

the weeks change to months, months change to years
the joy fades away
your doubt turns to fear what’s the point of loving, if your love won’t last

so i won’t say h*llo, so i don’t have to say goodbye
woah oh
i won’t ever fall in love again
woah oh
love is nothing but a p*ssing trend
woah oh
i am to afraid to fall apart
woah oh
i will share my thoughts, but not my heart
woah oh

we grow apart, but still you stay together some prove that nothing doesn’t last forever you say your gonna leave, he says he’s gonna change

bit surprised your actions have betrayed your words nothing ever changes nothings ever cure what’s the point of living if your lifes a lie


love is cruel and love is unfair but love is precious love is rare cross my heart and hope to die if my loves love is a lie[x2]


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