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lirik lagu i’ve been abused – bad language

i’ve been abused, by mr. meier (mr. meier) why did he do it? i do not know why.
i’ve been abused, by mr. meier why did he do it? i do not know why??
i was in my room, in a chatroom, i saw the name, rapist46.
he imd me, he said hey baby, wanna see some pics, of me
naked. i said sure, are you a girl, before i knew it, i h
ad saw them. nasty bodie, this is nasty, i delted all of
the pics. then he said, come on over, and if i didnt, hed send me more…. so i
jsut had to, i couldnt stand them
when i came over, he grabbed my shirt. then police came,
hes now in prison, 12 years, thats what he deserves.

ive been abused by mr meier why did he do it i dont not know why???

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