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lirik lagu i’ve won – 88 fingers louie

i recall the time that changed
my whole f*cking life
call it fate, call it what you want,
but it happened to me
some people go through life searching
for this thing caled love
call it fate, call it what you want,
but it happened to me
and i can’t believe
the way she makes me feel inside
when i’m around her,
i just can’t help but smile
she may be unsuspecting of this
but i’ll look at her
and say all of things i feel
she wants to know all the things i feel.
i’m gonna tell her how i fell inside
i’ve won (3x)
she makes me laugh, she makes me cry
my love for her will never die
she makes me think,
she mkaes me believe in myself
now i can see my life is rectified
and i can’t believe how
she changed my life
my outlook on life is leaning
toard the positive
she means everything to me
and i’ll do anything to keep
from losing her
deep in my heart i can’t lose her
and i don’t feel like such a loser now
i’ve won (3x)

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