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lirik lagu jd’s reply (jackin’ 4 beats) – jermaine dupri (jd)

gimme dat beat fool, it’s a full time jack move
f*ck y’all i’ll make the motherf*ckin track move
and eminem, tim, tom, d*ck, and hank
already know that i’m something ya’ll ain’t
a little young non-stopper
and from rap to r&b i’m breaking n*gg*s off proper
with that s-o s-o def m-o-b; f*ck dre, this j.d.
and here’s how i’m a greet ya
stop [record scratches] fool – come off that beat
[beat changes]

ya should’ve never f*cked with college park
you little gay *ss mark
all you can say about me is that i’m short
but my dough is long
dr. dre motherf*cker come on
see i know you don’t do half the work in the studio
plus you like letting n*gg*s play with your booty hole
whoa!!! off in dre d*ck he choked
timbaland’s in the house “what up loc”?
n*gg*s don’t even think about it (uh uh)
are better yet motherf*cker you need to think about it
you same beat makin non-rappin individ-ual
i was makin what you make now when i was a child (ha)
you still try to come up, look at you and look at me
n*gg* don’t try to run up
cause you’ll get bang something sweet
j-d-u-p-r-i and i’m jacking y’all beats [beat changes]

di di da di di di di da di day (ha)
who gives a f*ck about a timbaland and dre?
a-t-l-a-n-t-a is where i’m from
and i’m a keep on dropping these bombs, see
i think that we too big to be battleing
but i’m sick and tired of hearing you motherf*ckers keep babblen
ya so stick this in your *ss for a minute

[talking (beat changes)]
and if you come at me again
i’m a come right back at your *ss three times harder
fo sho, i do this n*gg*, f*ck y’all
oh yeah, eminem, i left you out deliberately – you know why?
cause to me you like a character in disney world
known for dissing pop groups and justin’s ex-girl
sh*t don’t n*body take you serious [laughing]
naw, you dont get no credit fo that
n*gg*, you dont get no credit fo that

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