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lirik lagu joe cool – b.b. king

joe cool… back in school.
hangin’ round the water fountain,
playin’ the fool.

joe cool… take it light.
if the princ*p*l catches you,
you’re out of sight.
(take those shades off… walkin’ round the halls.)

joe cool… makin’ the rounds.
checkin’ all the kiddies,
up and down.

joe cool… play it straight.
if the princ*p*l catches you,
it’s gon-na… be… too late.
(yeaaahhh… better learn to add now.)

a few years later, in the tv special “there’s no time
for love, charlie brown,” the song collected a few more
verses. to reflect snoopy’s temporary responsibilities
as a supermarket check-out clerk, these lines were

joe cool… after school.
workin’ in the supermarket,
just like a mule.

joe cool… do it right.
and be careful of the manager,
he’s dy-na-mite.

check each item… get those prices right!

joe cool… straighten things out.
take it easy, buddy…
you don’t have to shout.

joe cool… just relax.
if you bug the poor ol’ manager,
you get the ax.

pay attention… don’t you mess things up!

joe cool… after school.
working in the supermarket,
breaking the rules.

joe cool… playin’ the clown.
just be careful of the shopping carts,
they’re goin’… to bring… you down.

yeah… goin’ for a ride now…

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