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lirik lagu kisses & kerosene – otep

i wish
i could have you

in my clutches

to remove the excuses from your mind
to part that haze and slice your soul to pieces

to sing a lullaby as i tied you to the slab
to shave your head with a dulling razor

as you watch
in the splattered mirror above you

to break your ribs individually
with a rock hammer

to shatter your shin bones
with a shovel

to burn your fingers & toes
to a necrotic black
with liquid nitrogen

to crack your teeth
with a splintered club

to pierce your limbs
with a nail gun

to silence your cries
to laugh in your eyes

to sharpen my favorite slicing device
and take your arms ah the elbows

to keep u alive
for a few moments longer

to smell your fear
to cover your body
with kisses & kerosene

to watch u burn
as my human sacrifice
to hear you
scream in agony

the popping
of your flesh
as it cooks

to feel your child smile
the one u betrayed
the one you took

for nothing
for selfishness

…in a
pefect world
i would get
my wish.

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