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lirik lagu kissin’ the wind – las ketchup

watching you work
your wheel spining round
i can’t say that i’m, not inspired by you

but baby it hurts
and you’re letting me down
i use to be everything you swore was true
why change for you

you’re kissin’ my mouth
i’m kissin’ the wind
trying figure this out
you’re just tryin’ to get in
don’t know where you’re at
i remember when
use to e my lucky seven
got lost inside your heaven
but now, i can’t pretend
you’re kissin’ my mouth
i’m kissin’ the wind, wind, wind

and when we fight
i don’t wanna let go
but you’re making the choice for me so easy, yeah

can we turn back
no we’ll never know
it sounds like noise to me, listening to…..your vanity


well these were the days
did we let them fade away

you’re kissin’ my mouth
i’m kissin’ the wind

chorus x 3

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