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lirik lagu let down – bif naked

ain’t had a job in about a year.
living down in my parents bas*m*nt.
i wish that i could get outta here!
sometimes i think i need a vacation!

can’t get my mother off my back.
she don’t have far to go to drive me crazy.
someday the b*tch is gonna make me crack!
might be the last time she calls me lazy!

i’m a let down!
pardon me! if i’m a let down
to my family!
i’m a let down!
1-2-3 i’m a let down!
are you like me?

and now my sister’s got a fancy car.
i got a piece of sh*t from 1980.
but, at least, i got my two guitars
and a one-way ticket to nowhere baby!


oh! no! no! now, i’ve got a dream.
they don’t understand, it won’t be long.
i’m not what i seem.
see i’ve got a plan..
thats right!


sometime, they act like i don’t exist.
or else they treat me like i’m still eleven.
heaven knows i can’t take more of this.
i never thought i’d be 27..
and a let down!


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