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lirik lagu let’s go get stoned – sublime

i swear sometimes you’re taking me for granted
i swear sometime your a wh*r*
i swear but i know there ain’t no reason
’cause everything is such a bore

last night i had a dream, though it made me sick
saw you in your bedroom sucking someone else’s d*ck, (my goodness!)
my friends all laughed, said it was my fault
said it’s time that it happened to me
but i know that the show was much more than a low
so i’m waiting for the tide to get low

if i was an ant crawling upon the wall
tell me baby would it make any difference at all
if i was a roach on a tree tell me would you smoke me?
bright lights put me in a trance
but it ain’t house music, makes me want to dance. (word)
i don’t gamble but i bet,
i’m gonna die if i don’t get a cigarette
hold me close i always play the mack
with this monkey on my back.

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