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lirik lagu let’s live – krayzie bone

let’s live, let’s live, let’s live, let’s live, let’s live
got to keep livin’
let’s live, let’s live, let’s live, let’s live, let’s live
tryin’ to stay, got to stay alive
my n*gg*z let’s live, let’s live, let’s live, let’s live, let’s live
you should be livin’
come on and let’s live, let’s live, let’s live, let’s live, let’s live
let’s live, let’s live

[verse 1]
i look at my life and i realize i don’t wanna let go
no, i’m tryin’ to survive i don’t wanna die i’m searchin’ the best road
never playin’ myself, i’m playin’ with death
n*gg* y’all better wake up to livin’ and appreciate the life ya givin’
oh no i don’t, wanna go, not now man
there’s too many things a n*gg* got planned so much to understand
still so many goals for me to acheive in, please believe in
it’s rough but still that ain’t a reason, to stop ya breathin’
they ask if a n*gg* was scared to p*ss away
and i’m tellin’ ’em, “h*ll yeah, i can’t hug my babies if i drift and slept in hades”
it’s crazy how n*gg*z be killin’ be sayin’ they ready to die
you ready to die? i’m ready to live n*gg*, grow up wit my kids n*gg*
ain’t takin’ no chances on no after life
because there’s only death after life
so i be spending my time, tryin’ to stay alive
if i gotta live and let die


[verse 2]
now that we livin’ in a world full of war and murder
but money makes the world go round and round
everybody killin’ everybody what’s that sound?
how many make the heat that buck come buck ’em on down
may we all rest in peace
looks like we gon’ all rest in peace
the world rip


[verse 3]
now everybody wanna go to heaven, but n*body wanna die
and that don’t make sense
but let me tell ya that i know of a place where, we can go and just chill (for real)
no more crime, no more strain
no more die, no more pain
no more wasting our lives away
got to pray, got to pray, got to pray, got to pray
everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday
and if ya fall, be sure to ride and everything’s gonna be alright
just keep ya eyes on ya prize
and maybe you’ll make it up out of this life
we all die so young, victims of the gun
a poverty to harmony and then it marks us
my n*gg* you ready to end it, potnah speak for yourself
i’m down with life, and everything else to h*ll with death

[chorus x2]

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