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lirik lagu life is beautiful – amy correia

innocent i was born a queen
woke to life i thought it was a dream
i was lying in the gutter when a hand unseen
poured down the sun on new york city
i went sailing through the streets
on a sea of faces
i was just another person
that time erases
it was all soul’s day and i was not afraid
i felt i had a reason to live that day
and it seemed to me that something good
is coming if you think it could
and i don’t know when
and i don’t know how
but i put my head into the clouds
and it’s beautiful
it’s beautiful
it’s beautiful
life is
now i’m flying over bridges
and the sun’s in my eyes
skyscr*pers shining and trains roll by
i thought i saw myself among the p*ssersby
we’re walking on the water
walking on the light

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