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lirik lagu like a martian – lil’ b

“like a martian”

so 1, 2, 3

it’s your boy lil b in this muhf*cka,
hundred thousand
pretty boys, rich boys, stand up
lil b n*gg*, pretty boy in this b*tch
all ya’ll muhf*ckin b*tches, suck my d*ck
all day n*gg*, hundred million n*gg*
lil b b*tch, shouts out to s.o.d
hundred thousand n*gg*, what’s happenennnn

i’m a f*ck yo’ b*tch n*gg*, i’m a f*ck yo’ ho n*gg*
trumps in my back like i’m sippin on a fo’ n*gg*
finna hit the roof, with yo’ b*tch started suckin’
i’m gold grill shinin’, f*ck her sister and her cousin
no i ain’t no b*tch and no i ain’t no snitch
i’m f*ckin on that b*tch and then i make her strip
i’m twerkin on that b*tch, i’m workin on that b*tch
she suckin on my d*ck, cause i’m a pretty b*tch
act like a bop, like a b*tch, like a jay
waterfront on the map, watch me swim like a boat
cause i’m wet like a pool, like a pond, like a p*ssy
like a b*tch, like my name, like my car, like my ring
like my d*ck f*ck a b*tch in the face like a boss
like a dad, like i’m rad, like i’m brad, like i’m chad
like she naked, if she flexin b*tch i’m rich
give me head like a ho, like a pro, like i know you a ho
if she good i don’t care b*tch you finna suck this d*ck
man i used to be a goon now i’m a pretty b*tch
b*tch i’m coming down the slab with a hundred on my d*ck
stuck a ten on my hand, twenty carats, slap a b*tch
me don’t want domestic violence, i ain’t talkin bout a beating
call my girl ying yang cause that b*tch skeet skeetin
and i leave yo’ girl screamin, i’m a f*ck her in the *ss
i made yo’ girl suck my d*ck, i dropped thirty thousand cash

get my d*ck sucked in the sky, i’m a martian
off that loud pack and i’m high like a martian
all my girlfriends said i’m fine like a martian
young based god and i’m based with the martians

martians [x16]

i act like a b*tch cause i’m rich, see my name
based god ultimate, bossed up like a gang
shouts out to bad b*tches, girl i’m coming for yo’ mouth
i’m hittin licks off a ho, b*tch i’m coming in yo’ house
i’m in the mansion with my bop and you know she suckin d*ck
b*tch try to set me up, you know i’ll f*ckin split yo’ wig
b town boy with them tiny pants just like a f*ggot
b*tch yo’ girl choose up, i’m a bag her, and i sn*tch her
finna get my nose peirced cause i’m rockstar livin’
and it’s still waterfront and it’s still b pimpin
talking sh*t behind my back, n*gg* i’ll max your f*ckin lauren
n*gg* sn*tchin all your hoes, finna run em’ like the chargers
man i’m droppin straight cash, been spittin straight gas
n*gg* crown me f*ckin king, i been around the f*ckin map
off top n*gg* see me with a six foot b*tch
i’m pullin ten out that broad like a six foot pimp
r.i.p pimp c, i’m taking dope to the brain
n*gg* young based god with a head full of game
used to be off, with a head full of cain
n*gg* goons on deck bringing all that f*ckin pain
based god b*tch

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