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lirik lagu limelight – t.i.


look girl you s-xy as you wanna be
but you just a wanna be
i can’t help ya
i don’t love ya
i just met ya i might shove ya
will i plug ya to some n-gg-s that’ll drop some change in yo purse
hoe what i look like i ain’t no trick b-tch you gone chose big pimpin first
on god’s green earth i shall not hurt
for money food shelter or work
louie, henny, remy, or urp
chicken, dimes, hoes in skirts
im in my truck smokin purt
tryna see how many flirt
ridin round the atl on the baddest b-tch search
yeah i did a concert but i don’t wanna talk about it
you say like that freaky sh-t well freaky b-tch be about it
or candy truck you jumped b-tch you can jump up out it
i ain’t yo man so i ain’t gone shout wit ya
i’m headed to yo crib and its straight lights out wit cha

[chorus (2x)]
hey we the hype now the limelight is ours now
broads comin at us like they wanna f-ck us right now

[2x] s-xy, goregous, beautiful
would you do something real freaky tonight

now call me bruce lee or that pimp i got that glow i’m limelight
how can life go wrong when i got a brainiac that swallows pipe
she roam the streets like its halloween so tricks can trick or treat all night
my pimpin keep them hoes hooked like i had them jays on that white
ridin out in a hummer which i call a lunch box
standin on 26s which i call em hightops
candy red paint on that yeah that thang a cherry pop
all peanut b-tter seats always leather never cloth
hoe you couldn’t wipe my pimpin off if you had a rag
yeah she knows her pops but i’m the one she calls dad
straight swurvin in the whip p-ssin blunts takin drags
watchin dvds in the truck while she out there sellin -ss


peanut b-tter, royal chocolate
caramel jazzebell
i offer d-ck you offer -ss for sell
now you ask a player
see me shining getting right
finally coming up call me pimp tight
what you’ll do for the limelight
them bis-xuals i call em klinedikes
vanilla want a nut on sunday
fill hot fudge in the middle of her tummy
b-tter pecan white chocolate love day
n-gg-s lookin fly so remember where the hershay
hoes at davana of the scanna
p-ssy split on my bannana
take they pic on who they gone sample
to michigan back down to alabama
poped hypontic be the flava
that water their jaws for the milk they shake up
captain save em
ak just gone lace up the beat
to be a suckas favorite
top it off for the celebration
after i bang her i’ll let you cake her
you were too seet she needed a banga
make her melt let it drip through her fangers

s-xy, goregous, beautiful
would you do something real freaky tonight

now i’m in the limelight
this rose gold bring plenty dikes
they come around to service me because they know i lay the pipe
i’m running wit the king we in different cities every night
broads strippin out they clothes before the dj p-ss the mic
puerto rican mama citas, asian b-tches mixed wit white
they come to see the p$c in many skirts and see threw tops
i love this life
thats main reason i ain’t settle down ain’t got no wife
i’m down wit the squad
done wit the hard
i be pimpin these hoes for the rest of my life

s-xy women freaky ladies
squeezin tip’s mercedes
kissin women, eatin ladies, lick em till they drikin babies
like rick james was in the 80s young and rich and livin crazy
kisha, kim, mari, and kayla
love to keep the reefa blazin
and the new and immitated
lou thats hollow point fim thats playin
actually they demonstratin
orally administratin
conversation here em sayin
pills’ll make you fill amazing
wish i could do this everday
antic-p-ten this occaision


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