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lirik lagu live from 504 – lil’ wayne

dro f*ck with me!
live from the 504 it’s mr. crazy flow
jumping like a bungee no rope
even in the dungeon i glow
even if ain’t sunny i glow
if it ain’t about money i go
nowhere i’m nailed to the floor
money controls where i go
it is the sail to my boat
and it’s going down it’s going down
like there’s a whale in the boat
see you can smell that i smoke
and yep i sip that lean
you hit me with that combination that make my eyes bleed
i’mma shark in the water yep i swim with the big
so i don’t have time to deal with willy the squid
l-lilly pad n*gg*s l-look at the monster
y-you don’t want to crash like la la bamba
see it’s me on the interey
and my new drop is very water-melon plum
just call it fruit punch
i’m an old rapper getting new bucks
and all you new rappers your just new lunch.
flow sick so sick need a doc, yes
a creature, monster like the loch ness,
i get hotter by the tock before i sizzle to death
i just tell the clock, “gimme a sec!”
in the middle of the war where my enemy at
i’m runnin’ this b*tch like
eric b enemy back
’cause everytime i hit a track i’m like an energy pack,
the instruments are crying out where the sympathy at?
if you betting money baby him will be back
whatever legends look like, b*tch i’m fin to be that,
i walked right in hip hop, like where my dinner be at?
i ate that and i was like, where my dinner be at?
i hate that women lie so i lie to them back.
got two b*tches in my pants quiet neither them that,
a lot of b*tches want d*ck, i give a lot of them that.
let’s do a pill i can f*ck you for an hour with that and to the kids drugs kill i’m acknowledging that.
but when i’m on the drugs i don’t have a problem with that.
and my n*gg*s got guns the size of toddlers b*tch and we aiming right at your f*cking collar b*tch.

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