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lirik lagu loco – mellowhype


good f*ckin’ mornin’, n*gg*
wake the f*ck up, it’s four o’clock man, come on

[verse 1:]
pigs raid my crib, i’m feelin’ like fred hampton
i got firearms under my mattress, campin’
yo, i’m from the ghetto where there’s special enhancements
n*gg*s begin to shootin’ don’t get second chances
banana clips conceal weaps, hit ’em ’til they feel sweat
beat these predator united states, b*tch i’m a real threat
besides the drug movement, move with all the socially socialists
and we hangin’ by the rope and sh*t, we give each other hope like gifts
though i’m a n*gg* with an att*tude, drinkin’
aimin’ at your dude, scary, huh? your bladder fooled
hinderant doctor, with a militant posture
bearin’ arms like an octo, smoke killa weed, killa rasta
at the lamppost in oakland next to bob seal
my heart don’t beat, f*ck the heart throb feel
i said, i said, my heart don’t beat, f*ck the heart throb feel

it’s not just you
i hate everybody, godd*mn

[verse 2:]
man i tell ’em boys catch up, catch up, ketchup, ketchup
odd future wolf gun gang put them tecs up
one shot, one kill, tyrane never mess up
take more than a f*ckin’ lie detector to fess up
mustard, mustard, mustard, mayo
odd future grand gang music and the yayo
anthrax packaged to the door in potato
call me hammerhead cause i mash him like he play-doh
i’m a rat n*gg*, where the cheese at?
i’m goin’ after stacks, n*gg*, where them g’s at?
matter fact, honey, where dem b’s at?
and all them n*gg*s with them a-b-c hats
i’m a take y’all back to school, you f*ckin’ dropout
who work a f*ckin’ 9 to 5 just to cop out
i’m on the block n*gg*, not when the cops out
keys open doors and you the mothaf*cka locked out

b*tch, wolf gang, mellowhype, blackenedwhite
killin’ y’all n*gg*s, don’t f*ck with odd future b*tch

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